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We have the experience of 44 years of practicing architecture with continuous active involvement in the preparation of construction documents and the subsequent construction supervision and administration. We work daily with architect clients in the preparation of construction projects in many countries and many climates and we believe we have gained experience that makes up particularly qualified to serve present and new clients offering building auditing and audit report preparation. Our work is thorough and efficiently carried out by experienced architects. We also work as a team with C.D.B. Technical Services Inc. to cover mechanical systems evaluation and troubleshooting, technical audits, energy utilization analysis and engineered improvements to existing systems.

Our reports contain an Executive Summary that covers:

  • Foundations, Walls, Windows, Doors
  • Parapets, Roofing, Flashings, Roof Penetrations
  • Mechanical enclosures, Louvres Skylights

  • Walls, Partitions, Doors and Hardware Windows and Sills, Glazed Screens
  • Floors, Ceilings, Stairs, building materials quality with replacement recommendations.

We report on problems discovered, what caused the problem, how to repair/replace material, the time priority for repair, areas or quantities involved and the probable cost. We also comment on fire separations, Building Code and Life Safety issues where applicable.

Photographs are indexed and cross-referenced to individual elements being identified to accompany our reports. We are familiar with the government VFA web site program and the input of client building audit reports.

When required, we undertake a deeper audit that covers all materials, all systems and accessories for every element in every room and space in a building. This involves not only problem areas, but also all surfaces and materials. This service is requested for organization planning for major expansion and renovation projects and forms the basis for Construction Requirement Studies.