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Following the initial contact from our client, we request a meeting to determine the project location, building type and size and the scope of services ARCAD can provide, from drafting to design.

Once the scope of the project is determined, the type of quote is selected by the client either a fixed rate or an hourly rate.

As a general rule of thumb, for a complete working drawing set, our fixed rate charge is half of the working drawing budget.

With an approved Drawing Control Log and instruction to proceed, a Job Captain and required personnel are assigned to the project based on the schedule and the Drawing Control estimate of time to complete the assignment. 

We work with the client Job Captain from whom we receive our instructions, approvals as well as review standards required and issues that affect the completion of our tasks. We keep a Schedule of Key Events (Job Diary), where all instructions and activities of importance are recorded chronologically, including instructions for revisions.  

Effective communication is the key to efficient team production and we use a variety of systems to ensure good communication. Frequent follow up and coordination meetings are recommended for efficient progress. ARCAD forward printouts of the Job Diary and the Drawing Control Log in order that the client is always kept informed of progress. 

We prepare drawings based on client standards provided to us including layer naming, layer colours, pen assignments and client preferred symbols. When possible, we will use our own integrated standards and automation.