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Ross Johnstone OAA and Adam Johnstone Arcad Business manager intend to act together to perform the duties of “Information Officer”, and together will be responsible for overseeing ARCAD’s compliance with its privacy obligations. 

  1. ARCAD proposals to clients contain our understanding of the scope of the work to be provided to the client and the full details of our information requirements and our obligations regarding confidential use of both data and personal information.

  2. We will continue to review “hard copy” and published information provided to us by our clients to enable us to carry out our commissions and assignments to confirm our clients’ requirements regarding the return of the material to them, or be responsible to discard it safely by having the material shredded. This clause and that of item 6, is the basis for ARCAD Retention or Destruction policy. ARCAD does not maintain a proprietary interest in any client cad file, data support information, design or any other document related to their project and our service commission. These are considered to be client property and will be kept in confidence. In the case of destruction, all electronic files will be deleted.

  3. ARCAD maintains an in-house archive of all projects as active files on the workstation of Ross Johnstone. There is not general office access to this material.

  4. ARCAD also keeps CdRom archived material of all projects and stores these off-site for protection of the electronic files both active and non active during the production phase of each project and stored permanently with each clients permission. Clients are provided with a full CdRom file of their project at the conclusion of every project commission.

  5. Reporting to clients is carried out in the form and with the frequency required by the client.

  6. No client personal information will be shared outside any commission or project without the clear and recorded permission of the client and access to all material involved in each client’s project or commission will be made available to each client upon their request.

  7. All ARCAD personnel have been provided with a copy of this policy document and it has been discussed on 30 December 2003 and formally presented at a Monday morning review meeting on 5 January 2004.

  8. All enquiries or complaints received at ARCAD regarding ARCAD information practices or details of client commissions are to be directed to either Ross Johnstone or Adam Johnstone for a response.

  9. This privacy policy will be posted in the ARCAD reception area as well as on the ARCAD web site.

Ross Johnstone OAA